The Biorobotics Lab at Free University Berlin is advancing the cross-pollination of computer science and biology. We strive to understand the most sophisticated technology there is: nature.

On the one hand, we use robots as tools in biology to understand more about biological systems. We, for example, have built a honeybee robot to study the bee dance and fish robots for the analysis of collective behavior in guppies.

On the other hand, every principle we discover in natural systems might have an application in technical systems, such as in swarms of autonomous cars. 

The lab is part of the Dahlem Center of Machine Learning and Robotics at the Institute of Computer Science.  We are involved in highly interdisciplinary, cooperative projects across various domains. 



The Biorobotics Lab is (clockwise, inwards from 12): Leon Sixt, Hauke Mönck, Moritz Maxeiner, Karen Haink (Menzel lab), Franziska Boenisch, David Dormagen, Aki Saksala, Tim Landgraf, Adrian Zachariae, Arik Elimelech (Noe lab), Gregor Barth, Benjamin Wild, Julian Petrasch, Nils Weimar. Missing on the photo but still members: Julian Stastny, David Bierbach, Marcus Jahns, Janek Szynal, Mathis Hocke, Karl Schulz, Tobias Schülke

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Address and Contact

Prof. Dr. Tim Landgraf
Free University Berlin
Institute for Computer Science
Arnimallee 7
14195 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 838 75 114
Mail: tim.landgraf [[AT]] fu-berlin.de


BerlinBiorobotics Youtube Channel


Current Collaborations

We utterly enjoy working with these groups:

Prof. Dr. Jens Krause – Biologie und Ökologie der Fische, IGB Berlin

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Randolf Menzel – Neurobiologie, FU Berlin

Prof. Dr. Martin Paul Nawrot – Neuroinformatik, FU Berlin

Prof. Dr. James Nieh – Biological Sciences, UC San Diego

Prof. Dr. Gerhard von der Emde, Neuroethology, Uni Bonn

Prof. Dr. Iain Couzin, Dept. of Collective Behavior, MPI Ornithology and University of Konstanz