Radio Feature on NeuroRobotics

The German radio show “IQ – Wissenschaft und Forschung”(Bayern2) broadcasted a full 30-minutes radio feature on NeuroRobotics. The story features our project NeuroRover and generally makes a case for using robots in neuroscience, or using neuronal computation for controlling robots. Some FU-Berliners involved in this research area (Martin Nawrot, Benjamin Wild and Tim Landgraf) were interviewed and all put in their two cents. Fortunately, Daniela Remus, the author of the piece, talked also to Elizabetta Chicca (Uni Bielefeld)Jörg Conradt (TU Munich)Giacomo Indivieri (ETH Zurich) and Thomas Nowotny ( University of Sussex) who all contribute to this exciting new research field Neuro-X (replace X with Robotics, Engineering, Science, etc.). Go download the mp3 and then check out their websites. Greetings!

Tim Landgraf