Mini-Symposium: Insect-Inspired Robots

Dear friends of NeuroRobotics,

as some of you already know – in the context of Barbara Webb ‘s visit to Berlin – we will organize a small meeting thematically revolving around neural modelling and neuro-robotics.

This “mini-symposium” will take place

Monday, Feb 16th, 9:30 – 12:00, in the kitchen/conference room of Arnimallee 7

Scheduled speakers (20 min max.) are:

  • Joachim Haenicke (modelling of classical conditioning in honeybees)
  • Rinaldo Betkiewicz (modelling of olfactory coding in insects)
  • Benjamin Wild, Dennis Schmoldt (neural control of and learning models in robots)
  • Jurek Müller (analysis of elementary neural processing units)

We look forward to seeing and discussing with you! 

Tim Landgraf