TV report: Tim gives talk on RoboFish and BeeCharge

The TV network “Bayerischer Rundfunk” records short science talks in Berlin’s famous “Roter Salon” and broadcasts them on ARD alpha. Tim told the audience about the RoboFish project (how we can make robot fish “learn” in real-time from interactions with live fish) and the SwarmCharge project, in which we make cars charge each other while on driving.

The same broadcast featured the fantastic J├╝rgen Renn, director of the MPI of the history of science, and his talk about the Anthropocene: his report of how humanity has changed the face of the earth was both revealing and unsettling. We are experimenting with the complex earth system without knowing when we our actions (climate change, pollution, etc) may reach the point of no return. A must-watch!

Tim Landgraf